Private Lessons, Group Lessons, & Birthday Parties

Private Lessons

The Circus Project offers private lessons in acrobatic and aerial arts to children and adults, from beginning through professional levels. Private lessons are an excellent way to maximize your progress towards a specific goal. Along with aerial and acrobatics coaching, we offer choreography consultation and act development as well as fitness-focused sessions.

Private lessons are $75/hour and can accommodate 1 to 3 students. Lessons must be paid by a single payer.

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.

Group Lessons

Our group workshops can accommodate 4+ people, allowing the group to share the cost of the lesson. We can accommodate up to 32 kids (ages 7+) or 24 adults at a time, but lessons must be paid by a single payer.

Available disciplines: Aerial fabric, trapeze, rope, lyra, aerial straps, Chinese Pole, Cyr Wheel, multiple apparatus, strength & flexibility, contortion, handbalancing, partner acrobatics, juggling, tumbling, choreography, dance, act creation, team building, theater games and more! We are happy to customize the workshop to fit your needs and goals.

Group workshops start at $150/hour for 4-6 people with an additional $25 per person/hour after that.

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.

***If you have 4+ people interested in booking regular ongoing lessons, please let us know! We can create a program for you that will allow you to customize your training experience with a coach of your choice.

Birthday Parties

We love to celebrate birthdays at the Circus Project!  
Circus Project Birthday Pack  - $260


  • Invite up to 12 kids
  • 60 minutes of coach led instruction time on circus equipment.
  • 30 minutes in the space to enjoy presents, cake/ice cream, pizza, snacks etc. (food/drinks not included) 

**Please note that due to limited space availability of our busy studio, groups with 12-or-fewer guests, ages 7+, are most easily accommodated. Exceptions for younger ages or larger groups can be made occasionally if dates are flexible. 

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Corporate & Group Workshops

Custom designed workshops integrate circus arts training (aerial, acrobatic, and clown) with concepts from Process Oriented Psychology and Open Space Technology to create innovative, transformative experiences for organizations and corporations.

The Circus Project’s unique approach to organizational development and team-building addresses areas including: communication, diversity, leadership development, and conflict facilitation to help groups manifest their deepest vision. Our workshops provide a one-of-a-kind training ground for groups to access their inherent collective intelligence and unleash their creative potential. We also provide shorter group workshops for organizations and corporations seeking to delight their team members or employees with a memorable experience.