DEI Discussion Group
(Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

We’re happy to announce the launch of a new monthly discussion group! The fourth Friday of every month we will meet to discuss a previously chosen article, video or podcast relating to diversity, equity and inclusion. This discussion group is open to all - please join us!

This is a non-hierarchical group format, and leadership roles will rotate every week. Leadership roles include: facilitator, emotional barometer, note-taker and time-keeper. Everything discussed within the group will be held in confidence and notes taken will be anonymous and not verbatim.

Next meeting: Friday, January 25th. 6-7:30pm

At the Circus Project (Upstairs Conference Room)
Topic: Disability and Ableism

Disabled Bodies in American Theater, The Theatre Times
10 Ways to Rise Above Ableism, Off the Mat and Into the World

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Previous meetings: