Seeking students and professionals open to experimentation and artistic risk-taking! We will select a variety of performers from students brand-new to performing to seasoned professionals. Artistic risk can take a variety of forms, maybe for you it's: performing on stage for the first time, choreographing on a new apparatus, or working around an intimidating theme. To be considered, please send in your act by October 15. Acts do not need to be fully polished. It's preferred that you can get through to the end of your act with a low chance of stopping midway and that you present a clear objective, idea, or concept within your work.

Show is Saturday, November 17 at 8pm.

Please submit this application by October 15th to be considered. Email with any questions.


The Circus Project Performance Troupe books per gig in order to hire the best artist for the event or show. Accomplished circus performers with a contemporary aesthetic are encouraged to submit videos along with contact information and/or website to be considered to